AcupunctureKeeping the Chi Energy Flowing

Acupuncture has been helping people as far back as 3000 years ago.  With the use of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, individuals today are living with high energy while enjoying an excellent level of health. They are very familiar with how the body and the mind work in harmony as well as how chi (also called qi), the universal life energy, affects their body.

In Chinese Medicine, chi is known to travel on pathways in the body called meridians or energy channels. With the use of thin, painless needles acupuncture can be used to stimulate various points along these meridians to keep the energy flowing or to unblock the flow when the energy becomes stagnated or blocked. The unblocking of a meridian can go a long way to restore good health to a person suffering from some malady.

Over time, the stagnation of Qi gives way to disease. While the stagnation lies in the Qi level and has not fully developed into a pathogen or not moved into the blood level, it is very easy for an Acupuncturist to restore blaance. Stagnation of Qi is usually preceded by stress, especially in the family or in the work place. Other emotions can also play a role in disease when they overcome the natural balance of the human body. These emotions include anger, grief, worry, fear and even joy!

When these emotions continue for long periods of time or become overwhelming they begin to affect a person at the organ level. For example, grief and sadness in large amounts or for extended periods of time will endanger the Lungs through pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma or any other number of ailments.  An overabundance of joy can affect the heart and even lead to manic episodes. With acupuncture an individual learns to recognize these over-abundances and seeks to find balance.

Along with Acupuncture other areas of your life, such as diet, positive thinking, meditation, and exercise go a long way to keeping the Qi flowing and abundant. Qi Robbers” should be avoided. These would include spending too much time in crowed areas, watching an excessive amount of television or playing with technologies, talking too much or having too many negative emotions. On the other hand, pleasant and spontaneous activities that a person enjoys are known to enhance the flow of chi.

Keep the energy flowing with Acupuncture and a healthy lifestyle that enhances Qi. Just as an Acupuncturist will tailor a treatment to a person’s needs, they can also be a source of lifestyle, diet and herb advise specific to good health and the proper flow of Qi energy through the meridians of your body.

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