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Dr. Stephanie Urban

Dr. Stephanie Urban

     Dr. Stephanie Urban will be taking over as the Primary Physician at the Complete Well-Being Center starting October 1, 2014 as The Urban Acupuncturist. Like Dr. Harris, the previous owner, she believes in treating people as a whole and not by the sum of their ailments. She always treats without judgement and understands that people are constantly evolving into newer and better human beings.

Throughout her training at Miami’s prestigious Acupuncture and Massage College, Dr. Urban has learned to find a balanced approach between Eastern and Western medicine principles to best serve her patient’s needs. She has had the opportunity to work for Master practitioner’s in fertility, dermatology, sports medicine, injection therapy and women’s health.

With the knowledge that people do not desire to be over medicated, Dr. Urban utilizes treatments using all natural Chinese Herbal Medicines, homeopathic medicines, injectables, food therapies and Acupuncture.

Dr. Urban also has a strong foundation in Chinese Martial Arts and owned her own studio in the Gables for fourteen years, including running an afternoon martial arts program for St. Theresa’s private school. The switch from Martial Artist to Acupuncturist was a natural process for Dr. Urban whose belief in the Chinese philosophy of the tiger and the dragon – played an important role. The two of these creatures together symbolize the balance of power in the male (Yang) and female (Yin) energies. Going from martial arts to physician/healer embodies all of these principles perfectly.

It has been a distinct pleasure for both Dr. Harris and Dr. Urban to have worked in parallel for the past few years and they are grateful that they will be forever tied in friendship and professional collaboration through this new venture.

Dr. Urban is always open her patients’ needs and requests a friendly and open dialog regarding any questions they might have. Dr. Urban can be reached at the same office’s number at 305-256-1162.

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